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Additional Recommendations to Minimize Risk During App Modernization Process

The first five posts of this blog series outline all to consider when beginning your App Modernization effort. Recall that one of the main goals of the App Modernization process is to minimize risk. One nightmare scenario is that you might rewrite an app and introduce defects that are discovered post-production. For this reason, having complete and well-documented test cases is critical. And what’s the best way to document test cases? In automated tests, of course! That’s usually a combination of unit tests, integration tests, UI automation tests, and performance/load tests. If you haven’t done this before entering your App Mod effort, then that’s the perfect time to make end-to-end automated testing a part of your DevOps DNA.

Also, it’s worth mentioning some more advanced deployment options that you should at least be aware of, and consider incorporating as part of your modernization effort. Those include blue-green deployments (as well as other variations such as canary deployments) and feature flags (or feature toggles). Blue-green deployments are a method of deploying applications safely, with zero down time. That sounds amazing, right?

Feature flags can be used for a variety of use cases, but one scenario would allow you to enable a new feature in production for your test team only, and then enable it for some clients to test, and finally enable it for all users – all without having to redeploy the app. Similarly amazing!

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