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Our Locations

We opened our doors in 1996 in Cincinnati, Ohio and quickly made a name for ourselves in a city with a number of Fortune 500 companies. In 2004, we made our way up I-71 and established ourselves in downtown Columbus with our first branch office. Ten years after starting, Cardinal was ready to expand its reach beyond Ohio, and opened an office in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2007. We quickly followed that up with a location in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2010. Cardinal continued its expansion in the Southeast market when we opened our fifth branch location in Tampa, Florida in 2013. In the spring of 2017, Cardinal continued to grow in both the Central and Southeast regions with the opening of offices in Nashville, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia. As business opportunities continue to grow within our local branches and nationwide we recognized the opportunity to expand to the West and opened our most recent office in St. Louis, Missouri during the summer of 2018. Some of us are Buckeyes; others Gators, but we're all focused on the same mission: to provide better technology solutions that advance your business!


Phone: 470-799-1035

Chris O'Neal
Business Development Manager

CLT - Charlotte


Phone: 704.936.4444

Fax: 704.970.4500

Mike York
Vice President

Jim Milam
Vice President, New Branch Development

Glenn Williams
Director of Sales

CVG - Cincinnati


Toll Free:888.503.2218

Phone: 513.984.6700

Fax: 513.792.2835

Kelly Conway

Chris Galligan
Director of Sales

CMH - Columbus


Phone: 614.545.3860

Fax: 614.545.3872

Nick Peterson
Vice President, National Business Development

Bill Nickley
Director of Sales

BNA - Nashville


Phone: 615-678-0266

Nick Bourdon
Business Development Manager

RDU - Raleigh/Durham


Phone: 919.908.0300

Fax: 919.908.0301

Holly Leyda
Director of Sales

St Louis

Phone: 314-272-2581

Corey Schenk
Director of Sales