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Provision and Manage Microsoft Azure Infrastructure

Using HashiCorp Terraform and Terraform Enterprise

HashiCorp Terraform enables users to define infrastructure as code (IaC) to safely and predictably codify, plan, and provision any infrastructure. Infrastructure as code allows you to describe your desired topology of infrastructure including networks, virtual machines, platform services, and load balancers into repeatable templates. This approach to provision and manage infrastructure ensures infrastructure is consistently created each time it is provisioned.

This is a workshop to enable you to use infrastructure as code to provision and manage Azure resource. This full-day workshop is focused on:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of infrastructure as code
  • Using Terraform to create and manage Azure infrastructure
  • The features and benefits of Terraform OSS vs Terraform Enterprise

Why Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as code has become increasingly popular for enabling users to safely and efficiently provision and manage their infrastructure. This has become a challenge due to the migration to cloud and multi-cloud environments and the focus to develop and deploy applications faster.

Enterprises moving into the cloud face three challenges that include addressing cloud heterogeneity, provisioning at scale, and enabling self-service consumption across an organization. Addressing these challenges is necessary to successfully navigate a move to the cloud and enable a DevOps model for application delivery.

Who Should Attend

The event is targeted at DevOps teams and managers looking to automate infrastructure deployments. The session will start with core concepts around IaC and then deep dive into Terraform and Terraform Enterprise with hands-on coding.

Presented by

Practice Manager


Microsoft Office
5426 Bay Center Drive
Suite 700
Tampa, FL 33609


November 5, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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